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ADDRESS: Las Vegas Valley Water District, 1001 S.Valley View Blvd., Las Vegas NV 89107

DATE: July 25th, 2019

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City of Las Vegas

Topic: Innovation in Analytics in the Cloud Era

Speaker: Raghav Venkat

OCI, automation, and emerging intelligent platforms are just beginning to reshape the enterprise analytics landscape. Cloud has become a formidable force altering business models, project delivery, architectures, and team structures. Automation has expedited and eliminated traditional processes. Intelligent analytics platforms have expanded the reach and usability of analytics to a wide range of users. This session will divulge on several ideas on how to use various tools, technologies and techniques available in OAC suite for innovative deployment of enterprise analytics.

Objective 1: Discuss how to make best use of several tools available in the cloud.

Objective 2: Practices to architect your platform for innovation.

Objective 3: List and explain many innovative practices to new and innovative way to deliver analytics to your enterprise.
Noetix by Magnitude

Topic: How to Overcome the Business Intelligence Challenges of Today and Tomorrow

Speaker: Tim Yates

Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics leaders face the complex challenge of keeping up with the rapid pace of evolving ERP varying architectures and integration possibilities, while trying to bridge the gap for future needs of the user groups.  Find out how to prepare your organization for the future while addressing current business needs with a centralized data platform with pre-built, extensible content using your BI platform of choice.

Learning Objectives: 

  1. Discover how organizations are making use of pre-built content to accelerate their business analytics
  2. How to get started with centralizing your organization's data from multiple ERPs and external applications
  3. Find out best practices for giving your user groups the confidence they need to become self-reliant
  4. See a live look at combined reporting from an Azure SQL Database and Power BI
  • Oracle Projects (GL Recon; Project Mgmt; General Noetix Views / Analytics)
  • Oracle Financials (Month End, Recons)
  • Disco Replacement (Power BI Generator / Views / UBA)
  • MDM
  • Configure, Price, Quote (e.g. CPQ Cloud)
Insight Software

Topic: GL Wand

Speaker: Travis Bingham

  • Common Challenges in ERP/EPM Reporting
  • Insightoftware solutions for Excel based reporting
  • Insightoftware solutions for web based reporting
  • Conclusion

Topic: Case Study: Migrating from E-Business Suite to Cloud SaaS and PaaS

Speaker:  Mahesh Naalla

The Journey from Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Fusion Cloud can be challenging and tricky.  A proper preparation is needed, to be able to execute the transition to Cloud in a smooth and effective way without impacting business operations and transactions. Data migration is a major activity in any move to Cloud. We have built Cloud Connectors which facilitates and automates the data migration to a great extent. Case study of an implementation for one of our customers on the lift and shift methodology will be presented.

Objective 1: Share experience on Lift and Shift methodology for a cloud implementation

Objective 2: Share experience on SaaS and PaaS services which would help businesses to  prepare for move to cloud

Objective 3: Share knowledge on connectors and data migration strategies in  cloud

Objective 4: Share OTBI and BI publisher cloud capabilities to leverage in day to day analysis and  reporting

Objective 5: Dos and Don'ts when migrating to Cloud

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